Why Contribute Your Company’s Data?
In these uncertain economic times, access to credit and capital is likely a challenge for your customers. With trade credit being the single largest source of business financing, exceeding even bank loans, sharing your customers commercial credit history has never been more important, for you and them.

  • Help your customers build a more complete and robust credit history
  • Protect and support NACM members by sharing information
  • Decrease fraud
  • Reduce risk and gain insight
  • Reduce your preparation time for your NACM Industry Trade Group
  • Contribute to the growth and stability of the economy
  • It's good corporate governance -- great companies are the standard setters!

Contributing your full-file accounts receivable data to NACM Southwest is an effective and efficient way to share credit information. You will not only support your NACM member colleagues but also reward your good customers while encouraging your slower pay customers to pay you first to avoid deliquent payment history.

If you're already contributing data to D&B, Experian or Equifax, click here to learn how to add your data to NACM's database.

If you'd like to send your data using a spreadsheet, click here to learn about the data file format.