credit reports, business collection services

Industry Credit Groups
Industry credit groups are available in a wide range of industries and meet monthly to learn how their customers are paying other companies. This is also a great opportunity to meet and network with other credit professionals.

Credit Reports
Credit Reports provide critical and up-to-date information on new and existing customers. NACM MidAmerica offers a variety of credit report options to fit you and your company's' specific needs.

Data Contribution
Contributing your accounts receivable data just makes sense; sharing tradeline data is good business practice and supports commercial trade and business. Sharing data communicates the creditworthiness of your customers to other businesses, helping your customers to build an accurate credit history. NACM MidAmerica simplifies the process; let us help your company share its tradeline information on commercial credit reports.  

Collection Services
Our full-service collection department can assist you with the collection of slow paying or delinquent accounts. Our experienced collectors will help you collect your receivables while keeping you customers. All collection rates are contingent. 

Legal Service Bulletin
Our Legal Service Bulletin provides fresh information about new suits, judgments, mechanic’s liens, federal and state tax liens and new bankruptcies on commercial entities in the State of Oklahoma, Northwestern Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. This bulletin is a “must have” for all credit departments and commercial lenders.

Professional Education
Whether you need to build the knowledge that’s core to the credit function or you’re looking to add to your already advanced skills,  NACM’s educational offerings and certification program are a smart enhancement to every credit professional’s career.